Covid 19 Pandemic Declaration

After spending much of January on Great Exuma island in the Bahamas, WHO  declared the Covid 19 outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020, and then a pandemic on 11 March 2020. This pandemic declaration halted all travel plans around the world.

Fall Abstract...Highway 60 Corridor, Agonquin Park, Oct 2020

Low density housing... Wolfe Island, Kingston, Ontario. Jan 2020.

On Watch... Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia. Nov 2020.

Illumination...Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia. Nov 2020.

Neowise Comet... Shirley's Bay, Ottawa. July 2020 River, Ottawa.

Orange Cone Flower in Full Bloom...Carp, Ontario. July 2020

Bridal Veil Falls, Manatoulin Island, Ontario, Sept 2020.

Cribbage anyone... Lake Superior, Ontario. Sept 2020.

Rideau Falls Illuminated...Ottawa, Ontario. July 2020.

Five Arches... Pakenham, Ontario. Oct 2020.

Shake-down...Charleston Lake, Ontario. Aug 2020.

Simple existence...Trestle Bridge, Stratton Lake Portage, Stratton Lake, Ontario. Sept 2020.

Late Phase...Charleston Lake, Ontario. Aug 2020.

Morning Calm...Lee Stocking Island, Great Exuma, Bahamas. Jan 2020.

Fair Substitute...Carp, Ontario. Sept 2020.

Snow Squall 2020...Ottawa, Ontario. Feb 2020.

Lily in full stride... Charleston Lake, Ontario. Aug 2020.

Egret enjoys fairway loitering... The Marshes Golf and Country Club, Hole #2, Ottawa, Ontario. Sept 2020.

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse... Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. Nov 2020.

Fall Splendour... Highway 60 Corridor, Algonquin Park, Ontario. Oct 2020.